Time stands still

It's part of the bigger collection “Still Lights” by Fabrica. It’s a collection of seven pieces inspirated by the fundamental principles of photography. Each project is composed of three elements: a frame, a subject and a light source. Delving into the technical world of photography, these projects touch on filtering, reflection, balance and projection to create a series of surrealistic pieces that situate themselves somewhere between a still life image and an object.
This clock is called “Time stands still”. It’s simple oak wood clock and although it stands over a metre and a half tall it is both airy yet compact. The clock face is hidden behind smoky mirrored glass and only becomes visible once the light is switched on, which is the real function of the mock pendulum that hangs underneath. Eight LEDs are positioned in a circle to suggest the clock face, unifying the three elements of light, subject and frame, none of which works without the other.
Actually exhibited at FOAM gallery, Amsterdam.

Photos © Alberto Ferretto / FABRICA.