Isola combines the use and the properties of the linseeds pillows (very similar to the cherry ones) with the new technology of the heat sealing.
It’s a sort of compromise between a blanket, an hot water bottle, and a seeds pillow with a technology device represented by the thermoplastic textiles joined toghether thanks to the heat.
Isola because it creates your own island where to relax yourself;
Isola because it has the properties to keep the heat and isolate it inside.
It can warm from 20 minutes to one hour. It’s made of linseeds and thermoplastic fabrics.
Linseed stores heat and release it back gradually, allowing to take advantage of the beneficial effects of thermotherapy.
Isola can be haet in the microwave at 500W for about three minutes, on a radiator, in the oven for about 10 minutes at a temperature of 200, or on the heater (for the desired time).
It can be used to replace the hot water bottle, to warm hands and feet, and it may be useful to warming up muscles before massages.
If It’s cooled (in the freezerin in a plastic bag, for the desired time), it is useful in case of bruises or fever.